Tasteless is a progressive group of restaurants.

We build modern, contemporary concepts that understand the cultural, technological, and culinary landscape of this generation. That’s the straightforward definition, but in order to best define what something is, sometimes it’s better to explain what it isn’t.

Tasteless does not take itself too seriously.
Tasteless does not copy anyone.
Tasteless does not follow trends.
Tasteless does not veer away from the unconventional, playful and ironic.

Yet, Tasteless doesn’t just build restaurants: we focus on innovation, design, and creativity in food. We want to lead the restaurant industry by pushing what’s possible.

To date, we have several concepts under our umbrella: Le Petit Souffle, Scout’s Honor, Freezer Burn, Wrong Ramen, Hole in the Wall, Fowlbread, Bad Bird, Ping Pong Diplomacy and The Beef. In addition, we also operate franchised brands such as Hanamaruken Ramen, Kushikatsu Daruma, and have established friendly partnerships with other concepts like Your Local and Hey Handsome.

And we’ve got a lot more in the works, so stay tuned.

Our Founder's Story

Now we can’t talk about Tasteless without introducing its fearless leader. People may know Charles Paw more as a Techie Magnate, with his chain of Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores that just keep popping up all over the country.

But as Charles builds his tech retail empire, he has never stopped thinking about one thing: food. Jumping from country to country has shown Charles the diversity and depth of the world’s culinary scene, and this sparked a dormant desire to build his own restaurants, driven by passion and a longing to delve into all things gustatory. This is how Tasteless started. Charles then began by building a network of partners: chefs, designers, and businessmen who share in his vision. Through Tasteless, he invests in people, helps them operate their restaurants, and provides the much-needed infrastructure startups need. Steadily, Charles is expanding his territory, and taking people he esteems along for the ride.

Our Partners

Noel Mauricio

Noel draws inspiration from work and travel, marrying unlikely pairings and playing with flavor to create bold, spirited dishes.

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Tasteless Originals

We also build our own original restaurants in Tasteless, either from the ground-up or as partnerships with foreign brands such as Hanamaruken Ramen and Kushikatsu Daruma.

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Led by a design team, not by chefs, Lowbrow builds casual restaurants with a strong focus on design and customer experience.

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